HRS have now supplied in excess of 5000 Coated IBJs since 2016 with NO reported faults

Hird Rail Services (HRS) were asked by a European client to supply a new Insulated Block Joint (IBJ) design which included a hard wearing, electrically resistant, durable waterproof coating capable of extending IBJ life expectancy to over 15 years.

Once identified, the protective coating was subject to a thorough and extensive programme of testing; including life cycle testing at the manufacturer’s laboratory, sample testing at the state-of-the-art purpose building coating facility in Doncaster. Followed by in-track testing on our European customer’s rail infrastructure.

Five years later, HRS pride themselves on manufacturing coated IBJs capable of improving reliability, adding value and reducing whole life costs for their customers. The coated IBJs have been approved for use in two European rail networks with over 5000 coated IBJs supplied to date, with no justifiable faults reported.

The coated IBJs are designed to combat track issues caused by harsh conditions which usually occur on coastal routes exposed to saltwater, level crossings subjected to salt and grit spreading, and locations such as tunnels where metal filing debris often accumulates.

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